The photo above is that of a Koi (Japanese carp). This one is a Goromo - one of the many different varieties of Koi . One of my first and certainly not my last.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Plants for Koi Pond – Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus Haspen)

Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus Haspen)for koi pond

The Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus Haspen) plant is not one of my favourites although I have this growing out of a pot half submerged in my Koi pond. The reasons is that the matured stems will droop down into the water as young plants grow out the cluster of small flower head at the top of stem. Therefore it requires regular trimming to remove the old stems and keep the plant looking good in the pond. I think it will look good if grown densely at the sides of a pond, rather than isolated in pots like in my pond.

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