The photo above is that of a Koi (Japanese carp). This one is a Goromo - one of the many different varieties of Koi . One of my first and certainly not my last.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Koi pond at Rasa Sentosa, Singapore

This is first week of the school holidays in Singapore. After returning from Manila to Singapore, my family took a short weekend break in Sentosa island, a place popular with tourist and locals. We stayed at the Rasa Sentosa Resort, which had undergone some renovations recently. But what did not changed was the beautiful Koi pond at level 1, which is just outside the lift lobby leading to the beach and swimming pools.  There is a placard next to the pond explaining the following:

“Nishikigoi or Koi is considered auspicious, representing long life and prosperity. Contrary to common belief, koi are not indigenous to Japan but originate from Eastern Asia and China, and are descendates of the black common carp. The fascinating and colourful koi varieties that we admire today are the result of almost two centuries of selective breeding and their popularity is fast growing in many parts of the world”.

The Koi pond is massive and the layout and overall pond design is beautiful. I like the stepped design, with water cascading down from a higher pond level to the lower level where the Koi are found.

Koi Pond at Rasa Sentosa Resort Singapore

Koi at Rasa Sentosa Resort SingaporeKoi Pond at Rasa Sentosa Resort Singapore

This is an example of an excellent pond with informal layout, with beautiful landscaping and rocks around the pond. Pandans, bird nest and boston ferns, monstera deliciosa and other tropical plants and tall trees around the perimeter of the pond give it a natural and tropical jungle feel.  NICE.

pandan plants at koi pond Rasa Sentosa Resort Singapore

This part of the pond recreates the effect of a stream, with water cascading down into the main pond.

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