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Sunday, October 11, 2009

UV light filter for algae control in koi pond

I received a question recently from one of the visitors to my blog asking if I was using UV light filter since I did not write anything about it. He was wondering if UV light filter is good for preventing algae bloom.

I did not use UV filter for my first 2 ponds. A UV filter was installed in my current pond’s filter system in Jan 2008 when it was built by my pond builder. The water from the return pump was passed through it before being released back to the pond. I cannot really tell if it was effective or not. Right now, I am not sure if the bulb is still working since I can’t see the light. Any way to check without opening up the filter?

I have no problems with algae bloom in all my 3 ponds, with or without UV light filter. I don’t think a UV light filter is necessary as a means to control algae. Algae is caused by high nitrate levels in the pond. Once I feel the nitrate level is high (slight increase in algae seen or water tint) and confirmed through water testing, I would do partial water change to reduce the nitrate levels. Better to control nitrate (the cause) than algae (the effect).

Having said that, I think a UV light filter may be useful to as a means to control bacteria or parasites, kill germs and sterilised the pond water.

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